Our History

“I have spent over ten years teaching people about the beauty of 100% agave tequilas but there was never a margarita mix on the market that was worthy of them. That’s why I created Tommy’s Margarita Mix. You will only find our fresh product in the refrigerated section of fine stores. It must never be preserved. This is, truly, the only way to create a great mix. At last, there is a margarita mix as great as the tequilas I espouse.”

– Julio Bermejo

Tommy Bermejo started his beverage career as a young boy, selling and delivering pure water by the barrel from his horse drawn cart in rural 1930’s Oxkutzcab, Mexico. He worked very hard and eventually saved enough money to move to San Francisco, where he worked 3 jobs every day and night to save the money necessary to open a little bar and restaurant called Tommy’s. It quickly became known for the most authentic, freshest, best tasting Margaritas anywhere.

The refreshingly delicious taste of our all-natural recipe was once only available crafted exclusively at the uniquely authentic Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. To meet the demands for innovative freshness across the country, we’ve now made our mixers available to you to enjoy anyplace, anytime!